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The Choir’s third CD, These Old Walls was recorded in May of 2012. It’s an album all about The Choir, featuring performances from groups within the choir including: Pride & Joy, Tet ‘atet, The A-Men, Joan Lowden and Patti Jamieson. The only Special Guest on the cd is Stephanie Martin.

The Choir Members featured on These Old Walls Include:

Jennifer Alexander, Gay Baile, Bob Boxma, Ivan Canete, Amanda Cato, Suzanne Christie, Kevin Coutu, Greg Crisp (Section Leader), Roy Dean, Beth Ferguson, Janice Gladstone, Llewellyn Goddard, Patti Gray (Section Leader), Peter Henderson, Lori Honeycombe, Karen Hoyland, Devon Hubka, Patti Jamieson, Eric Johnson, Kim Jones, David Kenny (Section Leader), Bill Kudla, Lou Laurens, Greg Lawrence, Louise Lemaître, Michael Lloyd, Joan Lowden, Gilbert Ma, Shelley MacLeod, Heather Magee, Anna Martin, Neil McNaughton, Andrew Newbery, Caroline O’Reilly, Stefano Osman, Carol Overzet, Shawn Pendenque, Kate Proctor, Mark Richardson, Cathy Scott, Donald Scott, Dawn Sinclair (Section Leader), Ben Stein, Mark Stephenson, Suzanne Van Rees, Kathleen Winchester, Germaine Wong, Greg Wood, John Wright, Jeannie Wyse, Jason Xi.

Choir members featured performances include:

Joan Lowden
Pride & Joy – Bob Boxma, Greg Crisp, Janice Gladstone, Lori Honeycombe, Patti Jamieson, Eric Johnson, David Kenny, Gilbert Ma, Cathy Scott, Dawn Sinclair, Mark Stephenson and Kathleen Winchester
Tet ‘atet –  Janice Gladstone, Patti Jamieson, Anna Martin and Dawn Sinclair
The A-Men Greg Crisp, David Kenny, Daniel Rutzen (Director) and Mark Stephenson


[tab title=”Track Listing:”]

  1. Walk A Mile
  2. My God Is A Rock
  3. Amazing Grace/Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)
  4. Son de Camaguey
  5. The Majesty and Glory Of Your Name
  6. John The Revelator
  7. All Through The Night
  8. Stayed on Jesus
  9. All Are Welcome (Gospel Welcome)
  10. Sunshine On My Shoulders
  11. Walk In The Light
  12. Kyrie (from Jack Layton’s Memorial)
  13. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
  14. On The Sunny Side of The Street
  15. Total Praise
  16. If These Old Walls Could Speak
  17. Benediction

[tab title=”Digital Downloads”]
These Old Walls is NOW available for purchase as a digital download on iTunes
[tab title=”Credits”]
Executive Producer: Diane Leah, Director of Music, MCC Toronto
Associate Producer: Jeffrey Huard
Recorded By: LiveWire Remote Recorders Ltd.
Mixed By:  Diane Leah, Jeffrey Huard, Doug McClement
Mastered By: Jono Grant
Album Graphics: Lori Honeycombe
Production Coordinator: Romelda Morson

Musician Credits

Jeffrey Huard: conductor
Diane Leah:
piano, keyboard,organ
Amy Liang: cello
Colleen Allen: alto sax, soprano sax and flute
George Koller: acoustic and electric bass
Tom Jestadt: drums
Paul Ormandy: percussion
[tab title=”Soundbites”]
Below is a simple player that you can listen to soundbites from These Old Walls.


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