The Choir at Jack Layton’s Funeral

Honoured and proud to be part of the celebration of the life of Jack Layton, we have included several videos from Roy Thomson Hall below. First, “Kyrie”, performed by the Choir, as the casket is processed into Roy Thomson Hall, and “Get Together/Connected” as the funeral came to a close. Kyrie [youtube]io1BMkRE0i0[/youtube]

Sunshine On My Shoulders, Featuring Joan Lowden

[youtube]zg44WyFa5Ok[/youtube] Joan Lowden is a long-time member of the MCC Toronto Choir, having sung for over 8 years. She is an Alto, with a lush voice, evident in this recent video of her performing the Offertory song, “Sunshine On My Shoulders” at church service at MCC Toronto, on August 7, 2011. The Choir is very…