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Things You Might Want To Know

The Choir

The MCCToronto Choir is the Chancel Choir for the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, located at 115 Simpson Avenue.

The Choir is an integral part of the church community offering their voices at both Sunday Services, 9 am and 11 am.

The Choir has grown into a formidable group of talented vocalists under the leadership of Music Director, Diane Leah. The Choir has approximately 50 members.

Their musical style is eclectic, and Sunday Services incorporate both traditional hymns and contemporary music to suit all of the over 550 congregants that attend weekly.

The Choir’s voices are not confined to the walls of the church however. The Choir performs at many different functions throughout each year, and they grow to include non-regular members and become known as

The Christmas Choir for The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto’s Annual Christmas Eve Service at Roy Thomson Hall and The Pride Choir for our annual Church on Church  Street during Pride Toronto Festivities.

Every week The Choir welcomes guest soloists to sing during the Service. Past guests have included: AJ Bridel, Lorraine Segato, Louise Pitre, Julie Michels, Stephanie Martin, Thom Allison, Jackie Richardson, Billy Newton Davis, Mark Cassius, Alana Bridgewater, Cindy Church, Quartette and others.


The Choir's latest CD offering

These Old Walls

‘These Old Walls’ is Choir’s third album. Through these collection of songs, the choir is showcased as individual members are featured on tracks, as well as some of the special off-shoot groups that have formed with the Choir, like Pride & Joy.



A complete chronology of The Choir's recordings

With three albums to their credit, the Choir is no stranger to the recording studio. The albums have always been greatly appreciated by all those who have them. Click on any album to get album details, buy online or listen to select sound bites from that album.