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Tournaments are Coming Back in 2020!

Four tournaments will be held this year. Two in the spring and two in the fall.
Our Euchre Tournaments are fundraisers for MCC Toronto. They are all Friday Evenings, and are all held at MCC Toronto – 115 Simpson Avenue.

Online registration is now open for all Tournaments. You can register for any or all online.

In-Person Registrations will be held for the three Sundays prior to each tournament in the Social Hall at MCC Toronto.

We hope you will join us and invite your friends along too. It’s a great night of cards, and laughter and friendship! Join Us!

Below is a complete list of the Tournament Dates for 2020 and easy links to register.


Tournament Cancelled Due to COVID-19

It has been decided that the Euchre Night will be cancelled in light of the COVID-19 situation and the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation regarding social distancing to help stop the outbreak of the virus through social contact.

We are sorry to have to cancel. We will allow the registration fee from tomorrow night’s tournament to be used at future tournaments. We will move all players from March 13th to our next scheduled tournament on May 22nd as a default.

We hope you will join us on another night – see our list of tournaments below.

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Things You Might Want To Know

The Choir

The MCCToronto Choir is the Chancel Choir for the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, located at 115 Simpson Avenue.

The Choir is an integral part of the church community offering their voices at both Sunday Services, 9 am and 11 am.

The Choir has grown into a formidable group of talented vocalists under the leadership of Music Director, Diane Leah. The Choir has approximately 50 members.

Their musical style is eclectic, and Sunday Services incorporate both traditional hymns and contemporary music to suit all of the over 550 congregants that attend weekly.

The Choir’s voices are not confined to the walls of the church however. The Choir performs at many different functions throughout each year, and they grow to include non-regular members and become known as

The Christmas Choir for The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto’s Annual Christmas Eve Service at Roy Thomson Hall and The Pride Choir for our annual Church on Church  Street during Pride Toronto Festivities.

Every week The Choir welcomes guest soloists to sing during the Service. Past guests have included: AJ Bridel, Lorraine Segato, Louise Pitre, Julie Michels, Stephanie Martin, Thom Allison, Jackie Richardson, Billy Newton Davis, Mark Cassius, Alana Bridgewater, Cindy Church, Quartette and others.


The Choir's latest CD offering

These Old Walls

‘These Old Walls’ is Choir’s third album. Through these collection of songs, the choir is showcased as individual members are featured on tracks, as well as some of the special off-shoot groups that have formed with the Choir, like Pride & Joy.



A complete chronology of The Choir's recordings

With three albums to their credit, the Choir is no stranger to the recording studio. The albums have always been greatly appreciated by all those who have them. Click on any album to get album details, buy online or listen to select sound bites from that album.


Import things you should know

If you are interested in joining The Choir, membership entails some responsibilities and we ask that you consider the points below when thinking about joining the choir. Also see our additional Questions Section below for more answers to possible questions many potential choir members have.

Meet Your Section Leaders

Introduce yourself to the leader assigned to your section at your first rehearsal and ask them to explain their role as a section leader. Your section leader (or a designate) will help you prepare for your first trial rehearsal.  They will assist you in finding music and check in with you at the end of your first, second and third rehearsal. If you feel that you would like to complete the process, your section leader will arrange and assessment with the Music Director.

Each of the four sections of the choir (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) has a section leader.

In Consideration of Others

In consideration of others, we ask that you

  • Avoid the use of heavily scented products, perfumes or cologne. The use of unscented deodorant is encouraged.
  • Be considerate to your fellow volunteers. Choir members are expected to follow a code of conduct that supports the goals of the Choir and MCCT.
  • Conduct or behaviour that detracts from these goals or the spirit in which we work together to serve both the church, and one another, should be avoided.

Worship Service Expectations?

Each Sunday you are expected to:

  • Sing at both the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services for at least four Sundays
  • Arrive at the Church by 8:00 am Sunday mornings to warm-up and rehearse for the 9:00 am service
  • Become familiar with the order of service, the role of the choir in each aspect of the service and learn the “service” music that the choir is expected to sing from week to week and month to month
  • Wear your assigned gown or follow the dress code specified by the Music Director

Getting Your Gown

On the morning of your first service singing in the choir, you will be assigned a gown. Ask for your section leader for help with this at the Thursday rehearsal. The Choir Gown Coordinator will assign you a temporary or permanent choir gown.


We have the answers!

I’ve Been Thinking Of Joining. What Do I Do?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the choir, you must come to a rehearsal. Choir rehearsals are usually held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the church. Once a month, there is an extra three hour rehearsal typically held on a Saturday morning

To Join Do I Have To Audition?

After your third rehearsal, you have an opportunity to arrange a time for a simple musical assessment with the Musical Director. An assessment is a brief evaluation of your singing style and ability and determines what section is a fit for you. Singing with the choir is at the discretion of the Music Director.

If I Decide to Join What Is Expected of Me?

As a choir member, you are expected to:

  • Arrive on time for rehearsals
  • Bring your music and a pencil to every rehearsal
  • Alert your section leader if you can not attend a rehearsal
  • Attend the extra 8:00 am Sunday rehearsal and 9:00 am service at least once a month or when requested by the Music Director

When Can I Actually Start Singing with the Choir?

Before you can sing as a member of the choir, you need to:

  • Attend three or more weekly Choir rehearsals
  • Attend one or more worship services as a member of the congregation
  • Have a musical assessment with the Music Director

Are There Any Times When The Time Commitment Is Greater?

Choir responsibilities shift relative to certain times of the year (Lent, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Black History Month, the summer months), and based on upcoming special events, like concerts. Special instructions for those times are provided by the Music Director.

I Am Still Not Sure How Do I Get More Information?

Come to a rehearsal and speak to Music Director Diane Leah after service. Contact The Choir Secretary.


Communicate with us

MCC Toronto Phone

(416) 406-6228

Contact Address

The Choir of MCC Toronto
115 Simpson Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4K 1K1

Performance Info

If you wish to inquire about having The Choir perform at your event, please complete the form below or email us directly, and let us know the details. We’ll do our best to accommodate requests in a timely fashion.